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"At school, I like her approach to students the most - from choosing great lecturers to very nice and helpful people in the background of the school. Shares are also great. Share your language. It can simply be seen that they are trying to make the languages ​​taught accessible to their students "from all sides", which is very important for language teaching. The student and language teaching are always in the first place for them and I would say that he tries to choose a tutor for everyone as much as possible (at least in terms of individual
clock). Yes, I like to recommend the school to other people. :-) "

Helena Míková, accountant

"Professional tutors and a friendly approach to students."




Iryna Botulinska, lawyer

"I only know the teacher Eva and I give her the underlined 1st lesson ready, they have a gradient, she knows the answer for every student's insidiousness and mainly speaks a foreign language, she does not correct herself during the conversation, as is often heard by other Czech lecturers."


Martina Rusňáková

„Hello , I want to share my experiece with Senso unico, I am foreigner and I am learing Czech with Ms. Eva , she is best teacher and she know the best method to teach people, her teaching method is super and during her class she used to teach in different way by playing games, coloured pictures and other tools so that you can grasp the language better , as Czech language is very tough and with her teaching method she made it quite simple and easier Ms. Eva is excellent trainer and experience teacher Thanks senso unico“

Vinay Goyal, Engineer, PMP PAL International

„They are punctual, and the friendly teacher, the way of teaching and the translation from Czech to English, exercises they conduct they are just awesome. I am learning in my office itself and we are like friends with your staff and nice to learn. I can recommend to my friend your school. Teacher Eva Halanova was my first and best teacher.“

Pradeep Gangappa, Engineer, Pal international S.R.O

“The school has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The approach to students is very personal and the interest in studying foreign languages ​​is from school management to "contagious" in the very positive sense. A modern, friendly and accommodating approach complements quality language teaching. "

Zuzana Petráňová, assistant, Design & Build sro

"The Spanish teacher (Ivan) is perfectly able to adapt to my requirements, he is able to attract and" wake up "me even after a hard day at work; I feel like I'm making progress "



Lukáš Pilát

cash collector, Hach

"Leandra is always ready to teach, she walks on time and is always looking for new ways to sell her mother tongue so that I feel satisfied and I enjoy it. I especially appreciate, for example, an hour of cooking in Spanish, various proactive games with lots of different accessories and using one's own creativity and imagination. He smiles and is contagious :) Eva is an incredible gift from heaven. A bit of patience :) It helps me mainly in deepening communication skills, sometimes I suffer from grammar, but only to the extent that I enjoy it. Brings interesting articles, song lyrics, topics, .. confirmation of my satisfaction is a 3-year regular visit to their classes :) "


Kristyna Mrazkova, assistant, EY

“Individual approach, flexibility, small groups of students, good transport accessibility. 
I can recommend Italian with Eliška. "


Gabriela Švagrová

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