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Courses and studying possibilities

Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Czech for Foreigners, and also English.
You know already which language you want to study, but you don`t know in what form? Senso unico offers you several possibilities.
Don`t forget you can combine all the types of courses.
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Individual lessons

Our language school offers lessons for individual students or privat groups.

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Do you want to study from your comfortable home or office? Do you leave for a bussines trip...

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We offer in company language courses tailored to your needs in a group or individual form.

Studijní skupina

Senso unico regularly opens public group courses.

How we teach

In conformity with leading experts on language teaching we teach by communicative method, which connects the advantages of particular methods and which develop all the skills of the student. We do not forget the insights into the culture and realities. Hence, it cannot happen that you know a lot of vocabulary and grammar but you are not able to order food in a restaurant.

In the classes we conveniently combine:

  • The work with Czech and international schoolbooks

  • Explanation of new grammar (clearly and comprehensibly)

  • Interactive tools

  • Grammar exercises reflecting reality

  • Meaningful work with video

  • Translation and drill exercises

  • Controlled conversation

  • Listening exercises (focus on pronunciation, accent, and understanding of spoken language, songs, fairytales, news and others)

  • Reading (simplified reading of real books, magazines and newspapers)


Courses division, based on the language knowledge levels rises from the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), which precisely defines the abilities and skills of student at particular levels. The detailed levels description can be found here. 

If you are not sure in to which course to enroll, we are happy to advise you.

Not only for the individual but also for public courses, the teacher prepares the teaching plan according to the specific needs of the respective students. This plan includes a complete course program - grammar, conversation topics and vocabulary. In case that Czech teacher is switching with native speaker, they cooperate on the creation of teaching plan together.

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