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Online lessons

Do you want to learn in the comfort of your home or office?


Are you going on a business trip or vacation and do not want to miss a lesson? Then there are courses for you via the Internet. Time is money! Don't waste it traveling unnecessarily on the course. Thanks to the online course, you can learn, for example, during a lunch break.


Don't forget the opportunity to combine an individual course with an online course.

How does it work?


All you need is an internet connection and a computer with Zoom or Skype or Teams etc. installed.

You simply connect to the Internet, connect online with the tutor, and then the lesson is similar to school. The advantage is the ability to search for words in the dictionary on the Internet, etc. Homework and other materials can be sent to you by the lecturer by e-mail.

Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Austin Distel
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Děkujeme za odeslání!

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