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In-Company Courses

We offer tailor made corporate language courses, in the form of group or individual classes.

We at the most adapt to your requirements, needs and time options.


We prepare an individual tailor made study plan. This plan is approved by the methodologist of our school who throughout the course observes the course of study and the fulfillment of the study plan.

Carefully selected teachers and native speakers are highly qualified and experienced, they have experience from abroad and long term teaching practise. They attend methodical courses and they develop their language skills constantly.

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We teach all the Romance languages, but also English and others. Our specialty is Czech for foreigners taught in Romance language as the mediation language..

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We provide:
  • initial analysis of knowledge and subsequent profiling of students into groups
  • mid-term, final testing and evaluation of students
  • teaching tailor-made plans composition
  • preparation for language certificates
  • regular monitoring and documentation of teaching (attendance monitoring)
  • online system for efective and easy management of courses
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