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Individual lessons - maximum for language training

Why to have individual lesson?

  • you choose time and place

  • you choose Czech teacher or a native speaker

  • intensive and concentrated study

  • course is tailored according to your needs and wishes

  • you can combine all types of courses (public, Skype, individual, in-company)

By prepaing the study plan we follow:

  • type of memory paměti (auditive, visual etc.)

  • personal conditions and prerequisites – other knowlege that could help you

  • mother tongue

  • needs, demands and objectives

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Image by Green Chameleon

Preparation courses on state exams, the language certificates, entry University exams and other language exams


In case of selected courses we distinguish language versions, eg. Spanish from Spain vs. Spanish from Latin America, Portuguese from Portugal or Brazil, British English or American English.

Lesson unit depends on your wishes. Choose between  60, 75 or 90 minutes


Do you think 60 minute lesson is to short? Senso unico presents special measured lessons which last 75 minutes. You will manage a lot of new things, but you will not lose concentration.

Prize of a individual lesson depends on intensity of the course, if it is a general language or specialized language.


For calculation send us a non-binding order.

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