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Specialists in Latin Languages

Our Philosophy

Eliška Hrdličková

The philosophy of the language school Senso unico stems from experience and personal observations in the field of education. The opportunity to compare teaching methods in the Czech Republic and abroad and at primary schools, secondary schools and universities has led to the establishment of our own language school with a unique concept.

The school Senso unico offers quality and effective teaching in a friendly environment. Senso teachers are experienced professionals for whom work is a hobby.

Senso unico’s main goal is to effectively teach its students in a way in which they can communicate as soon as possible in the respective Romance language without unnecessary grammatical mistakes. 


Classes are adjusted to the students’ needs (their language level, age group, type of memory, interests, etc…).

Language is life, live it with us.


čeština pro cizince

Mgr. Eliška Hrdličková

founder of the school

Why to Choose Senso Unico

Explore the quality of language teaching

The language school Senso unico specializes in Czech for foreigners mediated through Romance languages. We also teach Czech through English or without a mediation language.

We offer all types of courses in Prague: individual courses, in-company courses, public group courses and Skype lessons.

We guarantee a truly individual approach and we adjust to your requirements to the maximum.

Carefully selected teachers and native speakers are highly qualified and experienced. The selection of teachers for particular courses is tailored to needs and wishes of students

Study of a foreign language is not just about the language, and therefore we organize various cultural events that will introduce you to the lifestyle and culture of their speakers.

  • Czech lessons taught through Romance languages

  • Effective teaching thanks to the use of your mother tongue in Czech classes

  • You do not need to know English to be able to learn Czech

  • Enthusiastic teachers qualified in teaching Czech as foreign language

  • Teachers are chosen according to student needs – teachers specialized in the age category (children, youth, adults), focus of the course (preparation for certificate, conversation), interest of students

  • The opportunity to combine courses: group, individual and Skype courses

  • Maximum flexibility with individual classes

  • Certification upon completion of the course

  • Preparation for state exams, certificates, exams for acquiring permanent residency or Czech citizenship

  • Regular cultural events, where you apply what you have learnt in class while communicating with Czech

  • Order by phone, in person or via the online form, e-mail, Skype or Facebook

  • Communication with the Course Coordinators is possible in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese

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